Health Staff:

Irene White: Director of Community, Health and Social Services
As the Director of Community, Health and Social Services, I hold many hats, but the main responsibility is to manage all the health programs for Nazko First Nation.
Part of a healthy community is to have a balanced and holistic view of all matters pertaining to the community. Along with set funding for health programs, my goal is to find and apply for many proposal driven funding to fill the gaps left from AANDC (previously known as INAC) and Health Canada.
NAZKO is a semi remote community that has very few services for the community. There are no sports facilities-with the exception of an outdoor skating rink, ball field and horse shoe pit. So events are planned for low cost recreation, health, education workshops and events that celebrate Nazko’s culture.

Manager of:
•    Health Department
•    Education
•    Social Development
•    Housing
•    Office Management
•    Family Support Worker

Community Services:
Any services to do with community members
•    Completing important forms and documents
•    Wills and legal matters, dealing with the authorities
•    Assessing the needs of the community and maximizing services available
•    Liaison with RCMP/Victims Services
•    Facilitating restorative Justice Circles

Health Director:
•    Community health administration
•    Short and long term health care delivery planning
•    Health program design and implementation
•    Government and community stakeholder relations
•    Relations with health care professionals
•    Funding provider liaison
•    Community health and wellness education
•    Program accreditation and evaluation
•    Budget preparation and administration
•    Senior level management

•    Celebrating our Sobriety-November 11. Nazko celebrates the band members who have chosen sobriety and have been sober anywhere from 6 months to 30+ Years
•    Elder and youth conferences
•    February Sober Dance at Nazko
•    Culture camp-July
•    Junior Rangers –summer student/youth work program
Nazko First Nation is a tight knit community that has had its challenges in the past dealing with the fallout from the residential school era. They are a strong people who are survivors, full of character and who truly care for each other. It is a pleasure working together with this nation, as we move forward, putting the harm from the past behind us and creating an environment where people can reside in healthy homes, have healthy families and relationships and meaning in their lives. I strive to do the best job I can to move this process forward while taking into consideration the health, community, social and cultural needs of Nazko First Nations people.

Community Health Nurse

Health promotion and prevention is the basis for the community health nursing programs and services that are provided. Some of these programs include prenatal counseling sessions, and the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program where healthy food choices are encouraged and supported. Immunizations are provided in accordance with the BC Communicable Disease Control Centre guidelines, annual flu clinics are held each fall, and TB testing and education are provided on a drop-in basis and in workshops. Communicable disease control and contact tracing are done in conjunction with the Quesnel Public Health Unit and with the BCCDC. Education is provided on a 1:1 basis and within group settings. We strive to tailor our programs to be culturally appropriate and encourage traditional ways of health and healing.

Home & Community Care

Home and Community Care works with Nazko community members to provide a comprehensive home care service that respects traditional, holistic and contemporary approaches to healing and wellness.

These services assist people who have chronic and acute illnesses and receive the care they need in their home or community. Care provided in these familiar settings allows Nazko Community members to be close to their loved ones and to keep their independence with family support.

Home and community care may include nursing care, personal care, home support, and in-home respite. Nazko’s Home Care Program encompasses an Adult Day Program, Diabetes Teaching, assistance with doctor’s appointments often with a Carrier translator so patient is receiving a high level of care, and ensures Healthy outcomes.

Lena Hjorth: Community Health Representative

The Community Health Representative (CHR) is a community member who acts as a liaison between the community and health professionals. The CHR does home visits to assist with needs assessments and works with the Community Health Nurse, Home Care Nurse, and Physician. The CHR is fluent in the Carrier language and often acts as an interpreter for the elders to facilitate communication between elders and the health team. Lena has also been trained as a Community Diabetes Prevention Worker. She follows up with diabetic clients to monitor current status and reports changes and concerns to the nurse. She promotes healthy eating, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes. Lena also works with the Environmental Health Officer to monitor the safety of community drinking water by doing weekly on-site testing as well as providing samples to the Health Canada lab in Prince George.

Maternal Child Health

Our goals for Maternal Child Health are to support the growth and development of young children, enhance parent’s skills and abilities to teach their young children and increase their access to services that improve reproductive health outcomes, healthy child development and family well-being.

Some of the programs that have been provided are Canning Nights, Parent and Tots groups, Nazko’s Community Garden, Fluoride Varnish Program, Car Seat safety, Early Hearing Referrals, Baby Showers to welcome our new members.

Darlene Readshaw – Medical Van Driver

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