Housing Programs

The Nazko First Nation Housing Department is responsible for meeting the growing demands for adequate and sustainable housing for Band Members.
Being a remote community, there are unique challenges in home maintenance, however we are moving forward in leaps and bound toward achieving our objectives of responding to the demand for health and safety in housing for all community members.

The Housing Department works with the Nazko Housing Advisory Committee to identify and prioritize the allocation and services to homes.

~ We are working together for our Families and our Community ~

Contact Us:

Ken Heidema – Housing Coordinator
Physical Address: 405 Barlow Avenue, Quesnel, BC · V2J 2C3
Mailing Address: PO Box 4129, Quesnel, BC · V2J 3J2
Telephone Number: 250 992 9085 ext. 219
Fax Number: 250 992 7982

Email: housing@nazkoband.ca



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Housing Programs at Nazko