The Nazko First Nation first entered into Stage 1 of the BC Treaty Process by signing a Statement of Intent on September 30, 1994. With this as their first step of developing a positive and fair relationship with Government (both Provincial and Federal), Nazko felt confident to enter into the Treaty process. As people with historical and cultural traditions within the Cariboo region of BC, there are naturally serious concerns regarding forestry, mining and other natural resource based activities that are currently occurring throughout our Traditional Territory. By September 1996, Nazko completed Stage 2 of the process by BC and Canada delaring the table ready and open for negotiations. The readiness documents including the Tripartite Procedural Agreements were accepted and signed by all parties. Nazko’s Framework Agreement was signed on June 15, 1999 which signified completion of Stage 3. Currently, Nazko is in Stage 4 and we anticipate signing our Agreement In Principle by fiscal 2008. Stage 4 includes land selection, perhaps the most significant component of negotiations. Completion of Stage 4 will propel Nazko forward with the Treaty process and set the foundation for self-governance. Clearly, one of the key factors in Nazko’s current stage of the process has been the overwhelming participation by the Band Membership. In January, 2005, 15 appointed Community Representatives began working intensively with the administration to be in command of their future, their territory and its resources. Because of the dedication and hard work of the Community Representatives and the Membership, Community planning was recognized as a key factor in preparing for self-governance and the final Treaty agreement.


Nazko Treaty process is currently on hold as of March 2015.