Chief and Council

Vision Statement

“Representing the People of Nazko, Baezaeko and Trout Lake, Chief and Council’s vision is to create a holistic, safe, united community by using a cultural approach to build an economically viable and sustainable future.”

Mission Statement

“By identifying community needs, the Nazko Band Administration will build capacity through positive role modeling and teamwork, effective, compassionate delivery of quality services and programs for our community and promote sustainable economic development to achieve self-reliance.”

Contact Us

Physical Address: 405 Barlow Avenue, Quesnel, BC · V2J 2C3
Mailing Address: PO Box 4129, Quesnel, BC · V2J 3J2
Telephone Number: 250 992 9085
Fax Number: 250 992 7982
Email Addresses:

Chief Stuart Alec:

Councillor Delores Alec:

Councillor Racheal Chantyman: