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Nazko Band


Nazko, a strong and proud nation, believes in governance by compassion, equality and honesty.

Remembering our past, we will honour and support our Youth, our Elders, our Community, our Neighbours and each other. Let faith, integrity and respect for our culture be the strength of our future.


Nazko First Nation dedicates itself to creating a better future for our children, youth, and adults. As such, we recognize the importance of education and gainful employment in improving lifelong opportunities for our people.


NAZKO is a semi-remote community with no sports facilities-with the exception of an outdoor skating rink, ball field and horseshoe pit. Events are planned for low-cost recreation, health, education workshops and events that celebrate Nazko’s culture.


The role of the finance department is to implement Nazko First Nation Financial Policies as approved by the Chief and Council and to facilitate sound financial management of the band.


Referrals direct the attention of the Nation for information, facts, etc., to hand over for consideration, recommendation or decision.


Nazko Economic Development

Nazko Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) is the economic and business development arm of Nazko First Nation.

NEDC owned companies include Nazko Silviculture LLP, Nazko Logging LP, and Three Nations Store and Lodge LLP in Nazko, BC. Partnerships include NAZBEC Wood Processing Ltd.

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