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Creating A Better Future

Nazko First Nation is dedicated to creating a better future for our children, youth, and adults. As such, we recognize the importance of education and gainful employment in improving lifelong opportunities for our people. Our high school students demonstrate commitment to achieving success in their academic pursuits.  Our students brave the Cariboo early mornings by trudging to their bus stops at 6 a.m.! Not many high school students would endure a five-hour daily commute to get to school.

Nazko First Nation strives to improve and enhance all of our student’s academic achievement, increase our graduation rates, and promote the advancement of post-secondary studies.  Nazko proudly recognizes that 21% of our band members are currently attending an educational program ranging from elementary to post-secondary. We proudly applaud our graduates who are currently enjoying successful careers in culinary arts, education, and nursing. We proudly boast that British Columbia’s first aboriginal forensic scientist is a Nazko Band member.

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