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Finance is an integral department of the Nazko First Nation. At the same time, it is a highly confidential area. The Finance Department administers budgets and makes sure the Band operates within them. They manage cash flow and contribution agreements which come in budgets already set up.

This department answers to auditors who conduct mandatory audits once a year to ensure the financial integrity of the band office. It also answers directly to the Chief and ultimately to the Band Membership.

As part of the ongoing operations, Finance prepares interim financial statements monthly. From here, they will discuss budgets and make decisions based on the information. They also develop and implement internal economic policies and procedures.

The role of the finance department is to implement Nazko First Nation Financial Policies as approved by the Chief and Council and to facilitate sound financial management of the Band. In carrying out this role, the finance department prepares draft budgets, monitors expenditures, prepares monthly financial reports, revises economic policies, and provides financial advice to the Executive Director, Chief and Council and staff.

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