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The Housing Coordinator and Council manages tenancy for all Nazko First Nation homes. This includes the management of house/tenant allocations, policy development, home renovations and planning for future housing needs. Additional services include the operation of the Biomass heating system, community buildings fuel delivery, septic cleaning, garbage & recycling, and chimney cleaning.

Ongoing priorities include updating housing policies, tenant agreements and developing housing tools for allocations, renovations, and new housing. Future initiatives include the development of a Nazko First Nation Housing Strategy to assist in identifying priorities for housing renovations and new homes. Nazko First Nation works in partnership with Indigenous Services Canada, Housing & Infrastructure, and other funding partners to support governance/capacity and housing initiatives.


  1. To secure funding from Canada and British Columbia to support housing and infrastructure programs and services for Nazko First Nation.
  2. To improve housing and infrastructure programs and service delivery for Nazko First Nation.
  3. To create policies and toolkit information that supports the care and maintenance of Nazko Housing.
  4. To create a housing strategy that will serve as a roadmap for improved housing conditions.


Nazko Housing Coordinator
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